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Pastor Bob and Sondra Overland Park Greeting

Good Morning and welcome to Faith Chapel! I am so glad you are here this morning. We are in a series, “It’s a Jungle Out There!” As one of our friends said the other day, “It’s a jungle out there and I am no Tarzan that’s for sure!” I can understand exactly what they mean. It can get rough, especially if we are trying to navigate this jungle by ourselves!

One of the things I enjoy most about traveling this jungle with you is;: I am not alone! Not just do I have some experienced adventurers to travel with, and that is super great, I have The Father, who created the jungle and knows every inch, every tree, every quicksand and hazard, every animal; we also have the Son, our incredible model Adventurer and trailblazer through this jungle having navigated it Himself, just as we are doing, and we have the best travel companion in the Spirit who manifests everyday walking beside us never leaving us alone. Actually when you think about it, we have it made!

So far we have talked about how in the midst of this jungle we can find a place of peace and rest. Next we understand that we are not to worry on the journey because we have the three best companions ever. Last week we talked about taking those worries to God. Moving the troublesome bananas of worry to the basket of prayer. Emptying the worry basket and filling the prayer basket. Be anxious for nothing but by prayer and supplication bring our requests to God. He does care so much for us.

This morning we will look at our attitude and complaining! Kinda crazy out there!

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