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Pastor Bob and Sondra Overland Park Greeting

Good morning from the California-Nevada border; 7500 feet is something they like to call, "a mountain"! This is from our

window and it is beautiful. I hope you are doing well this morning and are excited to see what the Lord may say to you today as you enter into worship. The only bad part about being here is not being there with you. Many of you, like me and Sondra, are traveling today. That should make for an intimate time of worship together. Pastor Dave has been praying hard and is ready to deliver the message God has laid on his...huge heart!

Dave and Nancy have been such faithful servants over these past 20+ years here at Faith Chapel. They have helped us in more ways than we can possibly describe. Their ministry as Associate Pastors is incredibly important to me and I would not want to do ministry without them. So thank you guys for your incredible servant hearts and a heart for your church family.

We just finished a short sermon series on, “The Intentional Life”. It was a great challenge to look at how we are to organize our day to day lives not from the imposed agenda of the world, culture, friends, family, but on the intentional way that God has given us to live with His agenda first and foremost. The central thought of this series is that, Winter Scape"If we don't set the agenda of our lives someone or something else will. So we must step into the life that God ordained and intended for us. This is how we walk in harmony with the gospel. See, I'm not even there and I'm preaching! Take it from here, Dave!

I love you guys. I will be in San Diego tomorrow with my family for our last family gathering in our family home. Pray for a good time together in memory of my Mom and Dad.

Pastor Bob

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