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September 2017

I have recently been reading a book that Katie gave me, written by a former pastor and friend, and in a chapter on “The Identity of Our True Selves”, he recites several truths that I want to share with you this month.

First, he asks this question, which is a great question, ”Do you know the true love and value God places upon you and His relationship with you? “ He then goes on to list some core values he has come to believe.

· God truly is love, and He loves me 100 percent all the time.
· I do not have to perform (do anything) for God to gain His value and love.
· I do not have to find my value through humankind.
· I will seek to love God with all my heart, mind and soul.
· I will seek to love others because He loves me.
· My Father is my provider in all things such as money, time, ministry opportunity, and fruit.
· I believe and place my trust in God.
· I will be free from envy in my relationship with others.
· I will be willing to be a fool for Christ.

What I like about this list is that it gives a biblical framework around some basic psychological processes. You see, in all my years of study in the field of Psychology I have found this immutable truth, God made us, He designed us, He gave us the scriptures to show us the way to healthy living in every way, spiritually, psychologically, and physically!

In every field of study I have found God staring back through the pages of intellectual pursuit saying, “Hello, I’m right here! I know that because I made that.”

So take a page or two out of His book and think of yourself the same way God thinks of you. “You are awesome! I made you! You are exactly the way I saw you! I like your slightly crooked smile, it amuses me; I know your nose is prominent and your feet seem too small. No mistakes, designed by Me...accept that you are fearfully and wonderfully made!”

Bald is beautiful right!?! You don’t put a marble top on cheap furniture do you?

Pastor Bob


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