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July 2017

Last week Sondra did her normal reminder, “6 months from today is Christmas!” Yikes, crazy thought I know. We are just turning the page into the month of July and I always have thoughts centered around our country this time of year. It’s great to be an American, it’s great to live in a country where we can worship freely and enjoy our liberty. I try to never take that for granted. It is a privilege, and I count it a divine privilege. It is the providence of God that we are even a country today. I have read the unfiltered history of our country from those who lived it and a thinking person must conclude that our founders believed that God was at the center of their thinking and their lives. That it was His providence that wove the tapestry of our great country.

As I look back through our history, one of the greatest influences has been our pulpits. What was said there reflected our need for a God to lead and guide us. I love how David Barton’s ministry expresses this, “ Sermons shaped the way Americans thought, and helped established our worldview on everything from the Bible and Jesus to law and government, and from economics and taxes to science and foreign affairs. For example, every right set forth in the Declaration of Independence had been preached from the pulpit prior to 1763! And historians specifically point to sermons by the Rev. John Wise (a pastor in the late 1600s and early 1700s) as providing much of the specific language that found its way into the Declaration. No wonder John Adams cited ministers as some of the key leaders in helping secure American independence.”

All that to say that as we celebrate our 4th of July, we, the church, have had a profound impact on the formation and the continuation of this democratic experiment that has blessed the world many times over. Let’s keep ever vigilant in presenting God to our friends, and neighbors and our world.

Pastor Bob


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