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June 2017

Well, with graduation Sunday behind us and school being just let out, we once again find ourselves with the prospect of summer time. It is a different time of year. Our rhythms are interrupted and our routines take their own vacation and we might find ourselves in new territory. Our families morph into a mixture of fun, and boredom, and stress, and relaxation.

For some, it is a time of refreshing. I think of our teachers finally having a break from the difficult task of daily pouring into the lives of students. For others, it is just another day where maybe we get to take a few weeks for vacation and make some memories with our families. That is the favorite part of my summer...making memories with my family in any way that we can; memories that continue to build a tapestry of unique beauty. I see my family in San Diego, we take the grandkids to Woodston AG family camp and watch the Lord move in their lives. We get to hear the stories of their own camp experiences at Wheat State AG camp and see the fun and deepening experiences of their faith. Sondra and I usually take some time with each other and continue to mine our relationship for new depth and experiences.

God is so rich and meaningful during the summer but if we are not careful it can blow right by and not even hear His wonderful words and counsel to us. God does speak in the summertime. If we take some time with Him we will not be disappointed. So see the sights, ride the rides, and take time with each other to enjoy the people we love and the God who cares for us. Don't forget to explore a deeper walk with him!

Enjoy your summer,
Pastor Bob


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